Hajime no Ippo New Challenger Episode 12

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Added: March 21, 2009
Category: Animation
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Visitor's picture

Geromichi pisses me the f off.

Visitor's picture

dude you suck don´t tell ppl how it ends oh and the ko was in the second round DUMBASS

Visitor's picture

fuck you.

Visitor's picture

Hey stop telling ppl how it ends

Visitor's picture

your mother sucks

d3adroses's picture

ippo win in 3rd round because the referee stop it!! ippo sucks!!

VisitorR's picture

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol this sucks... Oh I wonder... WHT THE F&^K THIS AINT POSTED!!!!!!??????

Visitor's picture

Anybody found it yet?

Visitor's picture

Might take up a few more hours. I hope they not planning on showing a sub. I just wanna sew Geromichi get beat up by his senior

Visitor's picture

dude! what the hell I checked this at like 11 AM and its still not posted???

Visitor's picture

Why soo long. Its probz long done already. Post the raw I wanna see :(

Visitor's picture

Lets go already. Post the darn movie

Visitor's picture

geromichi will lose at the 3rd round by ah liver blow.. =)

iloveippo's picture

damn cant wait!!

alaska's picture

hey hehe :)

damn i can't wait :)
its gonna b awesome :D
hehe to watch this episode wowpy

sakuraba's picture

haha..werd. I felt bad for geromichi at first, but then he started his bitchass sneaky crap

luciousfox's picture

Can't wait for the episode to come out !

Ippo gonna fuck the shit out of geromichi that muthafuckaz~~~


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