Hajime no Ippo New Challenger Episode 9

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Added: February 24, 2009
Category: Animation
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th3chinese's picture

sugoi sugoi! when is 10 releasing??? Gero-michi WTFF!!! LOL he looks cooler now

Visitor's picture

Samurai John5 get a life

Visitor's picture

Crap! Sorry I really am sorry forgot to use spoilers.

Visitor's picture

If I remember correctly in the manga Manobu was already part of the Kamogawa gym and present during Date's fight... Im guessing this is one of those sutle differences between the two. I also cant wait for the fight its one of the few fights which we DONT see ippo all messed up and really commanding the fight.

th3chinese's picture

sugoi! cant wait for subs! :D

Samurai John5's picture

The people that trash talk other peoples lives are the ones that need to get them... We do what we like and thus we are living the way we want to, how about you? Mabe you just like to say trash like that to others because it makes you feel good, but guess what, it just makes you guys look like punks that have no lives themselves.... I will gladly say I am a anime-lover, and if you want to get on me about it then bring it on...

sethkro's picture

puras mentiras, pure lies

miyatakun76's picture

when is the shOW on AHH lol

Visitor's picture

i agree. just wait for ippo 9 to come out! :D

Defender of all that is righteous's picture

wow, the "get a life" brigade is on patrol today. why don't you guys get a life and stop harassing others for their life preferences

Korg's picture

How long should we wait for this T_T i wana watch it badly

Visitor's picture

agreed, get a life

Visitor's picture

Your parents are right, go get a life

fan no.1's picture

i am just amazed by this show. i dont know how many time i watched this anime series hajime no ippo maybe more than a hundred times. my parents are saying i m a maniac for anime
but i guess i cant do nothing other than this because boxing is all i have also.

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